Creativity during Covid-19

projects and works in progress, illustration of a skeleton hand, handmade book that says 'connected'

Time. Whoever thought we would have so much of it in this era of technology and productivity? All those projects I've wanted to get to and the ideas that have begged to be brought to light and now there's time to do them all. So why is it so hard to get anything done? 

There are so many unknowns in everyone's world right now; it's easy to see the ways this is having a negative impact on our sense of well-being and creative drive. After reading a recent article in the Washington Post I learned that lots of us are lacking the motivation to do the things that normally comes natural to us. Yet possibility and spark still exist. While I'm finding it difficult to let go of the expectation of productivity something tells me this is the best path forward. Maybe it's time to question the pace, maybe it's time to take a break. Give in to the fertile void and embrace emptiness for a moment. See what happens.